California Part One: Santa Cruz

This week was my first week back at school. I'm loving the fact that I have not one but two classes with an old friend of high school. I'm in a ceramics class this semester and it's all a little bit intimidating to me so far. I've never really done too much with ceramics before but I wanted to take this class to really stretch my artistic ability. So we'll see how that goes. I got a terrible cold on Tuesday and I'm still feeling the effects, they let me leave an hour early from work today because I was feeling so miserable. I had to come home, return some overdue library books and quickly write and submit a paper for my online class, nothing like the last minute. Anyways, I'm finally getting around to sharing some vacation photos with you. I'll start at the beginning and slowly work my way through. The first grouping are some photos from Santa Cruz. We went here on one of the first days, we walked by the ocean, ate some clam chowder on the pier and every single one of us rode on one of the oldest roller coasters around. It was a fun filled day, for sure!
Taylor and Alex experiencing the ocean for the first time

Heidi with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk behind her

Heidi and I

James and Jenny's family, wish James had been looking at the camera and not the tide :)

Andrew with his best man, Tim

The Pacific and the Boardwalk in the background

Heidi and Alex on the Pier

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Megan Jane said...

How is Tim so stankin tan? You know that's from in CA for like 3 hours. Though I do love that he's representin' with that t-shirt I got him for a school I no longer attend.

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