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This should be vacation post number two but as you can see, it's not. I promise I'll post the rest of my vacation pictures at some point (even if it's the dead of winter). For now I'm taking a moment out of my day to put down a few random thoughts.

  • Today was the first day that I could comfortably wear a scarf. (hence the cute bird picture above) I was elated to feel the crisp air this morning. A sign that fall is creeping in. 
  • It seems crazy to me that in a little over a month I'll be turning 21. Where does time go? At what point do you actually start feeling like a grown up? Because I always thought that I would feel older than I do by the time I turned 21.
  • Long distance with the boyfriend is draining, we're coming up on our 3 year anniversary and 2 and a half of those years have been spent apart. This fall both of our schedules are way busier than they ever have been, which makes it hard to find time to see each other. Most days I try to stay as optimistic as I can, but some days are just plain old tough.
  • My ceramics class is not what I expected. I don't mean this in a bad way. It's a medium of art that is so new to me. I've lightly (and I mean lightly) dabbled with it in the past but I have so much to learn. My teacher is amazing and I think he can teach me a lot. Some days I feel really challenged by it all. Usually in art classes I can just take off on a project immediately but I'm still getting acquainted with clay. I never realized how much there is to know about the process. At times it's all a little intimidating but overall I feel really proud of myself to be trying something new and stretching my artistic ability.
  • I've been watching Mad Men like crazy on Netflix. I am addicted to this show. It's something about the time period. I love the fashions and the hairstyles, it's all so classy.
So there you have it. Five random thoughts on a Tuesday night. It just feels good to post something again, I have been neglecting this blog lately and hopefully I'll find more time to post more frequently.

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