Do you Ever Just Wish?

This morning I woke up too late. I don't have anywhere to be but do you ever tell yourself that you are going to wake up and have a productive day? I am not a morning person, not by any means, but sometimes it sounds nice to get up in the morning and enjoy my coffee and relax a little before I start my day. It makes it a little tough to do this when you wake up and most of the morning is gone. Why didn't you set an alarm? You may ask. Well I hate alarms with every fiber of my being and if there's a day where it isn't necessary to set one, then I won't! Today I really wish that I didn't have to do anything and I could spend today however I please. But in reality my day is just the opposite.
Today I have to:

  • Read more boring chapters of Moby Dick for my online class
  • Study for a Biology test that even if I study I might still do poorly on
  • Get some things in line for a financial aid meeting that I have coming up next week
Things I'd rather be doing today:
  • Working on my knitting project (a cardigan for Jacob, I'm really excited about this one)
  • Watch movies
  • Craft up some Christmas decorations
  • Skip town and see my boyfriend for the day
  • Meet up for coffee with my best friend
It may not seem like my to do list is that long but they are all time consuming tasks and it will take a lot of willpower to stay focused to get them done. The rest of my week is full of this kind of stuff. So here's to hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly and pain free! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why coffee with your best friend is in the "rather" category.

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