Very Merry Indeed

I meant to share these photos earlier but with Christmas less than a week away I thought now would be a good time. Last month my friends and I celebrated our annual holiday, Merry November. We bake Christmas cookies, listen to holiday music and watch our favorite Christmas movies. This year was an especially great Merry November, but instead of going on about it I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sorry for the picture overload and that some are blurry and poorly lit but we were having too much fun to care. I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit even if you are in Minnesota like me and it looks like we might not have a white Christmas. Last week I finished with finals and yesterday finished up a very busy weekend at work (working retail during the holidays is draining). So today I'm just relaxing and doing some much needed laundry. Tomorrow night my sister and my one year old niece are flying in from Washington for Christmas and I'm super excited. So don't mind me if I'm MIA for a little while. Merry Christmas everyone!

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