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So massage school has it's definite perks. I mean what other program are you guaranteed a massage at least once a week? However, the program runs on the quarter system instead of semesters and they want you to be on track to graduate ASAP so summer classes, although they are technically optional (technically), are a must. I've never been in school during the summer, never, so this is a very new concept to me.

I should clarify and say that I do get a summer vacation but it's only three weeks long. But I will take it. This week is my last week of normal classes and then I have finals next week. This means that after next week I have a full three weeks to just relax and do as I please and let me tell you I am soooo looking forward to the three glorious weeks.

Week one will be filled with:
~ A road trip to Washington to see my sister, brother-in-law and my most adorable niece, Luna.
~ I will be cramming in as much precious time with the little one as possible
~ Getting a few crafty projects done while on the road and at my sisters
~ Reading a good book, or a few, suggestions?
~Much needed rest and quality time with the family

Week two will be filled with:
~A trip to see the boyfriend
~Hopefully at least one picnic, if not more
~Watching movies late at night
~Cooking together
~Fireworks on the 4th
~Friends coming to visit on the 4th, yay!
~At least one trip to the beach, hopefully
~Much needed rest and quality time with the boyfriend

Week three will be filled with:
~Whatever I want, mostly relaxing at home and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Even though I know that these three weeks will fly by I plan on soaking up every minute of it and enjoying myself, surrounded by those I love and the things I love to do. So hurry up school and let's get to the heart of matter, summer!

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