Be My Valentine {Charlie Brown}

February is finally here and that means that heart day is quickly approaching, yay! Last weekend I was at Jacob's house and we went to the library to rent some movies and as we were browsing I spied my favorite Peanuts special... I was so excited because I had just been thinking about how I hadn't seen this movie in such a long time and I was craving it, so with February right around the corner it was the perfect time to watch it. It was even better than I remembered, seeing Sally read "How do I love thee" on her tiny candy heart, watching Linus chase after his teacher to give her a box of chocolates only to be heart broken when he saw her get into her boyfriend's car. And no matter how many times I watch it I keep wishing that Charlie will get that Valentine from "the little red haired girl" maybe next year Charlie. I could watch this over and over, it never gets old!

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