Here are just a few pictures from the past weekend that I spent in Eau Claire visiting friends. It went by all too quickly but it was just what I needed. I was missing everyone so much and it was really nice to spend time with my best friends, talking, laughing, sipping coffee, hot tubbing, and eating some Jimmy Johns (slowly becoming a tradition). Come Sunday it was really hard to say goodbye but reality always seems to find a way to sneak it's way into your good time and make it come to an end all too quickly. You would think that after spending almost a full year away from my friends and seeing them for only brief weekends, that by now I would be able to hold myself together better but I think it gets harder with each departure.

After the weekend was over not only did reality set in but sickness set in. My throat had been sore for the majority of the weekend but I decided not to let it bother me, however come Sunday evening I felt terrible. Since then I have been spending my days in bed trying to nurse myself back to health. Thanks to the access I have been granted to my boyfriend's Netflix I have been keeping myself occupied with some movies. Punch, Drunk, Love --the verdict is still out as to what kind of opinion I have formed about this movie. Bonneville--love, love, loved this movie although it made me miss my two best friends a whole bunch! I finally saw When Harry Met Sally--I have always wanted to see this movie because of the reputation it's gained over the years and in my opinion, it lived up to the hype. And finally today I watched the documentary No Impact Man which I also enjoyed and it really made me think about how my everyday actions affect the environment, even the littlest things that you wouldn't think about. Hopefully I will regain my strength within the next couple of days and I will be back to normal health in no time.

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Megan said...

I can't believe that as much as you claim to miss your two best friends you betrayed them by watching "Bonneville" without them.

Just kidding. Love, love, love the last picture the more I look at it and also dig the Picniking you did with it.

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